Chelsea Elise

helping ladies go from

hot mess to crystal

clear success…

Definition of

hot mess

-Urban Dictionary

When ones thoughts or appearance are in a state of disarray but they maintain an undeniable attractiveness, allure or beauty.

Feeling like a hot mess, but secretly dreaming of success?

You know in your heart that you were made for so much more. But how?

Imagine using your unique gifts and talents (a.k.a. magic) to create a career you love, the income you desire, and confidence to manifest anything you can imagine.

Well girlfriend, you’re in the right place. All odds may appear to be against you, life may be a hot mess, but there’s a powerful woman inside you who is meant to unleash her strength NOW.


But how can you go from where you are (hot mess) to biz babe success?

Clarity. Crystal Clear Clarity.

 Let me show you how…

Hey, Girl!

I’m Chelsea.

Clarity and Success coach for aspiring and newbie entrepreneurs who wanna go from hot mess to epic success. Chelsea started her entrepreneurial journey as an actress in Hollywood at 8 years old starring in Broadway and on TV. But her life completely changed at 19, after becoming a single mom, sending her dreams up in flames, until she decided to turn her hot mess into her success. Today you can find Chelsea coaching visionary women, managing social media accounts for companies like Rachel Hollis Co, Manifestation Babe or Paper & Glam, and selling from her online shop GRL CHL. If you’re ready to go from hot mess to biz babe success, let’s get it on!

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“Don’t let your hot mess keep you from becoming the epic success you were created to be.”

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