How To Declutter Your Way To Your Dream✨💥💖😍

Posted by Chelsea Elise on Saturday, July 4, 2020

As a recovering hot mess, I know how cluttered and messy life can get. From our homes, to relationships, and our finances, yikes! Who wants to even think about it. 

BUUT… we have to think about it if we really wanna change our lives and attract abundance, wealth, freedom, a bomb career and epic success.

I know what you’re thinking, WHYY is cleaning involved in all this, and can I use a task rabbit?

The key to attracting the career and life you desire is being ready, open, and available to receive it.

You need space and room to receive, expand, and grow. A cluttered life filled with junk reminding you of the past is not gonna cut it. You can’t add new clothes to a full closet, just as you can’t add abundance to a junk packed life.

So let’s get started decluttering the 5 areas that might just be a bit of a hot mess and seriously standing in the way of you receiving mad success. Shall we tidy up?


Now, when is the last time your room and home had a good deep cleaning?

Can’t remember? It might be time now. 

When decluttering your room, start by getting rid of old things that you know don’t belong in your future. Toss those pictures of your ex, old bills and letters that remind of where you don’t want to be. Make room for all of the things you want to attract into your life.

Sell or donate the clothing, accessories, movies, books, shoes, tools that no longer serve you. Ask yourself this… If I were Beyonce’ would I be holding onto this or let it go to make room for something I truly desire? If the answer is no, chug it girlfriend!

Make it fun. Add music, an essential oil diffuser, and candles. Set an intention for removing what no longer serves you and stepping into your next level. See cleaning has never been so fun!

You can’t receive if there’s no room for what you’re trying to receive. So make room in your closets and drawers. Leave space for your things to breathe. Leave space for abundance and the new things coming into your life right now.


Finances a hot mess? Money is a seriously heavy weight. It consumes our thoughts and dictates our negative scarcity actions if we do not have a healthy relationship with money.

Is your wallet filled with old receipts and used up gift cards? Are coins everywhere? Purse a mess? It’s time to clean up your relationship with money. 

File those taxes. Make phone calls and create a plan for paying back debt. How’s your credit score? Take care of those things. Start tracking your spending and ask yourself if the best version of you would buy that particular item? Don’t purchase out of scarcity just to get a dopamine hit. You can eat chocolate or go to a cycling class for that. Make purchases that support the next level version of you.


Have relationships in your life that make you feel like crap? People that tell you what you can’t do, who you can’t be, throw your mistakes in your face to remind you of how accident prone you are? Those people have GOT to go! To the left, to the left…

You have got to create space between you and people like that. If they’re family create space, and just dump them if they’re so called friends or boyfriends. Next level you doesn’t have time for that. You’re not available for hot mess relationships. You only have space for your success, growth, and impact.


Potty mouth? Let’s clean it up. 

In order to attract success, you have to clean up your thoughts and words. It’s time to kiss the negativity and limiting beliefs goodbye. I know that’s easier said than done, but you have to start. Millionaires don’t tell themselves how unsuccessful they are. They don’t go down memory lane counting up all the stupid mistakes they’ve made. The past is the past and it’s not welcome into our totally brand new next level future.

So grab your suds bucket and get to cleaning up those areas in your life that do not support you hitting your next level. You’re a star and your life should reflect that. Don’t be too rough on yourself. Every small change is transforming you into your best self.