How To Use Candles To Set + Achieve Your Goals Super Fast!🕯✨💥💖Don’t you just LOVE candles? I know I do.But aside from their really good smell and teleporting capabilities to far away islands, they also have the ability to help you seriously hit your goals.In this video I’m gonna show you how!

Posted by Chelsea Elise on Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Don’t you just LOVE candles?!! I know that I do. 

But aside from their really good smell and teleporting capabilities to far away islands, they also hold the power to help you seriously hit your goals.

Now you may be wondering, what exactly is manifestation? Great question.

Manifestation is the phenomenon that occurs when something that was once a part of your imagination becomes actualized into your physical reality.

Now what’s a manifestation candle? 

Manifestation candles typically have crystals in the candle wax to increase your energy vibration and clarity, but most importantly a manifestation candle requires an intention.

Here are 3 ways to use your favorite candle or manifestation candle to hit your goals.

#1. Start With A Goal, Outcome or Intention

If you want to use a candle to achieve your next goal, you gotta start with somethin’ to work with. If you’re having trouble deciding what goal to set next, just ask yourself what you truly want right now and pinpoint which action you must take first in order to get there.

#2. Visualize Your Goal

Visualization is key in manifestation. What you visualize you can achieve. If you begin to visualize the goal, outcome or intention, then you’ve already started attracting that outcome into your life. Have you ever thought about a person and then immediately ran into them at the grocery store or received a call from them? Same concept.


Once you know what your intention is and you visualize it, then it’s time to light that baby up! This is also the time you can take to say a prayer, repeat affirmations, read scripture, or simply meditate on how grateful you are that this intention is coming true in your life in God’s perfect timing.

Every time you light the candle you can go through the same steps and constantly be reminded of your goal. This will prompt you to take the right actions and keep a positive mindset that your goals are being achieved. You’re one step closer to the life of  your dreams.

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