How To Achieve Impossible Dreams

How To Achieve Impossible Dreams

Ready To Achieve Impossible Dreams?

Hey girlfriend!

 The first impossible goal I can remember setting, came when I was 7 years old. I had the desire to be on television. Even just writing that now sounds impossible. 😆 But let me stop right there, because I just gave you nugget that might have been glanced over. I said I had the desire to be on tv. That meant when I watched television I got excited thinking well I can do that. When I saw other kids on tv, I thought that would be so fun. My goal began with a desire. Something unexplainable, a feeling that excites, comforts, feels good, sends blood rushing through your body, but also may bring extreme fear at the same time.


Psalms 20:4 May he grant you according to your heart’s desire, and fulfill all your purpose.

I believe your desires are a huge flag waving you down to get your attention. For you to pay attention and see that you’re getting closer to your purpose. You’re created with gifts, talents, skills, and experiences unique only to you. I’m a single mom. Many women are single moms, but coupled with my talents, skills and experiences there is no one that’s the same as me. Now, you have to understand and fully accept that for your life. There is no one the same as you. I don’t care how they might appear similar. Do not dismiss your desires. They will lead you to the dream life you were created for and be a giant indicator of the types of goals you should be setting.

Now after I realized I had a desire to be on TV, the first thing I did was tell someone who could help me get there. As a 7 year old, there weren’t too many places I could go for help. So I went to my mom. Interestingly, my mom worked at Twentieth Century Fox and had a friend who was a talent manager. [Omg more nuggets just dropped, let me make sure you got them.] Once action is taken the “coincidences” begin to happen. These actually aren’t coincides at all, but the revelation of the divine plan for your life. Action creates motivation. So if you’re wondering how to gain or sustain motivation, that’s how. Desire leads you to the right goal for you. Setting the right goals make all the difference.


Coaching is the key to getting where you want to be. If I had not met my manager and been coached every single day toward my goal, my goal would still be written on some random crumpled piece of paper with jelly donut stains. You can try to do it all on your own, which is fine, but you won’t be guaranteed to reach your goal faster. I was an actress for 3 years before starring in Disney’s Broadway Musical “The Lion King”. That’s what coaches do. If it were just me watching tv dreaming, that would have NEVER happened.  


Now this one almost wrecked me. You cannot get anywhere without the right positive growth mindset. Once I started auditioning in Hollywood, had I not developed the right mindset I would have never landed any jobs, especially not a job I was up against over 1400 other girls for. They all kinda looked like me and were just as talented as me, if not more. That is what I call the DREAM MOMENT. That is the moment you’ve waited for and your mindset needs to be KILLER. If mine wasn’t, I would not have survived. Your mindset is yours to work on. Just because I had a strong mindset at that moment doesn’t mean I’ve always had a strong mindset. There are so many auditions I blew terribly because I didn’t believe I could. Your mindset, confidence and lack of fear are a daily job. That has gotta be worked on every single day or it controls you. Make sure you get the right help to develop a positive growth abundant mindset, so that all the work put in to your goal isn’t for nothing.


Now, I could write a book on this subject or teach a 5 hour class, but you weren’t planning for all that so I’ll just end with this one last critical point.


I can’t tell you how much this has affected my life. I have let fear take me places I never intended to go and keep me there longer than I intended to stay. So many lost opportunities, so many tears. The way I grew up, I was taught never to fail. If I failed, wasted time, or money then I needed to immediately quit what I was doing. Well that terrible mindset got in the way of my goals/dreams and cost me many unnecessarily wasted years. Please I beg you, do not let fear control you. Don’t fear stepping out, spending money on something important, going the extra mile, learning as much as you can, looking like a fool, or realizing something just didn’t work out the way you planned.  Your mistakes are what will define your success. Your mistakes will lead you where you need to be when you need to be there and give you an incredible story to set others free.

Gosh, I wanna keep going but I hope this post was incredibly helpful for you. If working with me on achieving your impossible goals or figuring out what the heck to do would change the rest of your life, click here to schedule a free clarity call with me. You were created to live your dream, stop letting things hold you back!